The Rhythmic Spasms

March is Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) awareness month and this is my personal experience with it. Read it, comment, share it, pass it on or just plain pass on it.

How many kinds of bodily twinges  and spasms can there possibly be??? And this is just one of the multitude of ways that pretty well my every body part is affected.  First came a strange sensation when walking of ankle weights and frozen knees. Pins and needles in my feet and lower legs followed and is almost constant now, along with ice cold extremities. Myoclonic twitches come on out of the blue, sort of like a little electric jolt, making my leg or arm flail out in an attention grabbing sort of way. But my favorite, the one that can keep me awake at night for hours, is the rhythmic spasms that  grip my legs.

They start at my calf and rise  up each leg, tension increasing, then finally reach across my belly and join in an unpleasant  spasm, and then release. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand repeat. Every six seconds. Oh and i also get sudden painful muscle cramps that come on when im trying to do something that i used to be able to do but apparently cant do any more. This is how i find out something else is gone… CRAMP!!! OW OW OW OK!! I guess they were serious when the called it MULTIPLE SYSTEM atrophy.

The internet is a mixed blessing. I thought the rhythmic spasms (my word for them), ((would make a great name for a band eh??!!)) was restless leg but apparently they are not, so maybe I’ve got something else in store.  My neurologist also says the neuropathy (pins and needles in feet and legs) isn’t a part of msa, and tested me for a multitude of things, including syphilis (negative!!). Meanwhile other msa facebook friends have told me that they also experience it. One woman told me that her mother had it, but that was before, and now she couldn’t feel anything. Like i said, the internet is a mixed blessing. You gotta be prepared for what you might find out, because you are the filter. No wonder I (also) have a hyper startle reflex.

Anyways, that’s all for now,  Kathy

Oh the beauty of the edit button!! (I forgot to list one of the spasms.) This one comes when my drugs have worn off, which they are doing for longer periods of time, as sinemet doesn’t last forever (only a few years and that’s if i’m lucky). There is a steady muscular pull on my left foot, kinda from my knee down, pulling/twisting my left foot inwards.  Now thats really all for now.


One thought on “The Rhythmic Spasms

  1. Hi Kathy, great to see you’re blogging too! I have a lot of the symptoms you describe; the myocloniic twitch, only in my left leg. Although my neurologist also says neuropathy is not a symptom of MSA, I and many others have this. I also have the exaggerated startle reflex. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Sonja

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